Big Fish Games iOS App

Big Fish Games App is an iPhone and iPad game discovery app for the entire Big Fish catalog.

Features include:

  • A New Game Every Day!®
  • Daily Deal
  • Updates on Top Games
  • Free Collector’s Edition Game

As UX Design Manager, I spearheaded a team of UX/UI and Marketing Designers within the Product arm of the organization. We were responsible for every new feature, conversion performance and overall experience of the Big Fish Game Manager Desktop Client.


The goal of the Big Fish Games App is two-fold:

1) Provide customers and easy way to browse the full catalog of games on their iOS devices.

2) Increase customer acquisition by having a free, highly ranked app in the App Store.


Originally called Game Finder, the app has used or uses native, web and hybrid frameworks.

To provide the biggest value to customers, we use qualitative and qualitative approaches:

  • Conduct constant Competitive Analysis
  • Lab Usability Testing
  • Customer Reviews, Ratings and Feedback
  • Closely monitor Key Performance Metrics


The Big Fish Games App user flows and features make extensive use of all types of wireframes.

Agile is truly embraced – the developers consider wireframe flows the final design deliverable.

High-fidelity comps are created for assessing more radical departures.

A PDF prototyping system was used very early on to help the team visualize the experience.

Complex interactions and transitions are collaborated on with functional prototypes using tools like

The prototypes are used for:

  • Stakeholder and Executive Reviews
  • Ad hoc, Lab and Remote Usability Testing
  • Functional and Visual Specs for QA
  • Scoping a vision into discrete deliverable feature


The Big Fish Games App underwent a significant overall with the iOS 7 upgrade:

  • More Consistent Experience
  • Cohesive Look and Feel
  • Optimized for User Task Flows
  • Improved Overall Performance

Features & Enhancements

  • Quicker access to hundreds of games
  • Improved Search functionality
  • Exclusive special promotions
  • Tightly integrated and in-depth Strategy Guides for newer titles
  • Includes access to a fully free and unlocked Collector’s Edition Game


Since the launch in 2011, the Big Fish Games App has delighted customers:

  • Over 80,000 DAU – Daily Active Users
  • Over 5,000 installs per day
  • Average rating of 4.5 stars with over 9,000 ratings