Big Fish Games Site

Over 2 billion games in 13 supported languages have been distributed on the Big Fish Games Site.

Enhancements to the home of “A New Game Everyday!®” during my time include:

  • Mobile Optimized Pages
  • Unified Global Navigation
  • Filtering and Faceting Enabled Category Pages
  • Conversion Optimized Product Pages

As Lead Designer and UX Design Manager, I spearheaded a team of UX/UI and Marketing Designers within the Product arm of the organization. We were responsible for every new feature, conversion performance and overall experience of the Big Fish Games website distribution portal and Game Manager Desktop Client.


After selling downloadable games for nine years, Big Fish needed to prepare for the next decade and unify many parts of the experience and conversion process that had become fractured over time.

Unification was a not a single project, but a company goal to grow revenue through a better experience:

  • Simpler, streamlined Look and Feel
  • Consistent Functionality
  • Coherent Set of Product Offerings


A complete and total redesign was quickly eliminated as an option.

Not just because of scope, but it would be a jarring experience to a loyal customer base who hates change.

To keep ahead in a dynamic and changing industry, prior research was re-evaluated and updated:

  • Customer Interviews
  • Personas
  • Field Visits
  • Usability & Beta Testing
  • Surveys
  • Monitor Conversion Rates
  • Other Daily Key Performance Indicators
  • Customer Support Levels and Feedback
  • Competitive Analysis


“Flash-forward” ideal experiences of up to a year out were created to help align stakeholders.

Individual feature releases and priority were based on business need and value to the customer.

An extensive optimization of the game asset inventory was conducted to reduce the over two dozen image sizes per title.

Old frameworks and approaches were updated with a pattern library based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Each wireframe, user flow, color spec or visual comp worked toward global alignment and unification.+

Unification resulted in the following updates and is still an on-going focus:

Mobile Optimized Pages

Although a PC / Mac marketplace, increased Mobile usage patterns suggested a changing landscape.

Currently in various phases of rollout and iterating toward an experience tailored to your device type.

Header and Navigation

Streamlined header organized by user pathing and not business lines.

Flexible navigation for unifying across products, apps, devices and tap target sizing.

Category and Product Pages

Category and Product page iterations based on faceting, conversion optimization and design patterns:


As one example, a key feature resulted in greatly increasing organic search due to the new design.

Another major release drove key metrics up and more importantly to the stakeholders, did not divert traffic or negatively impact other measures.

As the Big Fish site entered the next decade, it was well positioned:

  • Over 2 Billion PC/Mac games downloaded
  • Over a million games distributed per day worldwide
  • 3,000 unique games and growing
  • 13 languages supported
  • 11 consecutive years of record revenue