Big Fish Unlimited

Big Fish Unlimited is an instant games service across PCs, Android tablets, Android phones and Roku enabled TVs.

All powered by streaming and the cloud with no game downloads, features include:

  • A New Game Every Day!®
  • Game Playlist
  • Saved Game State across Devices

As UX Design Manager, I spearheaded a team of UX/UI and Marketing Designers within the Product arm of the organization. We were responsible for the launch, growing the service and overall experience of of the Big Fish Unlimited service.


Looking beyond PC downloads, a new potential delivery channel was identified: streaming.

The idea was simple – Netflix for Casual Games.

A ground-breaking subscription gaming service for iOS called “Play Instantly” was quickly developed.

It was removed from the App Store by Apple after a few short days.



The business pivoted to leveraging our online and PC client distribution in a series of iterations.

We asked: Are download and streaming (cloud) games just fundamentally different experiences?

To start answering that, we conducted:

  • Market Profiling & Personas
  • Competitive Analysis of Gaikai and OnLive
  • Remote Service Testing


Cloud gaming is an engineering, product and marketing challenge.

Game streams are interactive, requiring back and forth communication.

The paramount product concern is delivering a High Quality of Service.

A number of features and systems were optimized and iterated including:

  • Sign-Up Flows
  • Messaging Frameworks
  • Game Control Enhancements
  • Cross Device Experience

A cloud gaming service from a company known for download games is a marketing challenge.

Big Fish extensively tests games and the same rigor was applied to streaming:

  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Brand Explorations
  • Usability Testing with Beta Customers

Our final service name and key imagery represent the core idea:

Big Fish Unlimited – Seamlessly play across devices.

Final Product

Big Fish Unlimited (later known as Instant Games) service spans across:

  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Web Browsers
  • PC / Mac Clients
  • Windows 8 Surface Devices
  • Roku enabled TVs

Android Phone

Web Browser

PC / Mac Client

Windows 8 Surface

Roku Enabled TV


At Casual Connect Seattle 2012, a flagship industry event, we announced our service.

Big Fish Unlimited was demoed and launched right from the stage.

In the span of one year, Big Fish Unlimited Instant Games was:

  • Available on 5 screens
  • Rated over 4.5 stars with 1200 reviews and a spotlight in Google Play
  • Provided access to over 300 games with A New Game Every Day!®