RealPlayer, RealGuide & SuperPass

RealPlayer 11, RealGuide and SuperPass formed an industry leading suite of products for internet video consumption.

RealPlayer software and content services featured:

  • Higher resolution video playback
  • One-click downloading of web videos
  • DVD Burning
  • 100+ ad free radio stations
  • Full length movies
  • Free monthly downloads

As Art Director, I managed a team of Sr Designers and Designers responsible for the design of RealPlayer Desktop Software, the updated daily RealGuide and SuperPass premium video subscription service.


The mission was to make RealPlayer 11 the center of internet video in the face of growing competition.

As Art Director, I drove the design process through concept, iteration and execution.

The goal was a unified product with a coherent user interface, touch-points and select marketing.

My office became a war room:


A number of feature ideas for RealPlayer 10 were not realized and required deeper exploration:

  • Picture-in-Picture playback mode
  • Deeper integration with web properties
  • Canvas-like approach to showing video contextual information

We conducted extensive usability testing and investigation including:

  • Independent analysis of current and future customer base
  • In-house, off-site and independent lab usability testing
  • Rigorous competitive research
  • Almost daily builds and prototypes
  • Extensive A/B, multivariate testing and funnel analysis


Much of the process behind RealPlayer 11 revolved around integrating the software and media services.

Instead of a “3-pane” experience, we created an embedded tabbed browser experience.

Refinements to the installation flow, playlist creation and due to popular demand, a new feature was explored: recording.

Real had developed a number of premium programming and content channels including:

  • RealGuide
  • SuperPass
  • Starz
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • CBS – Big Brother

Each of these properties required redesigns, user flow analysis and completely new experiences from scratch.

Final Product

The new RealPlayer 11, redesigned RealGuide and upgraded SuperPass launched nearly simultaneously:


RealPlayer 11 reinvigorated the flagship product line as the center of internet video featuring:

  • Higher resolution video playback
  • Recording or One-click downloading of web videos
  • DVD Burning

The new subscription service designs resulted in:

  • Double digit percentage increases for page views
  • Dramatic increases in pages per visit
  • Increased product subscriptions